Health Benefits of CBD and Special 15% Discount on Pure CBD- Through May 2018

Powerful Health Benefits of CBD

  • Helps with weight loss and weight balance 

  • CBD is non-phsycoactive, and helps our body & mind achieve balance

  • Offers anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

  • Decreases pain and increases ability to heal from injuries

  • Provides a calming effect and reduces anxiety

  • Aids us in growing new neurons in our hippocampus and strengthens our memory and mental focus!

  • Improves cardiovascular system and heart health

  • Helps us to improve emotional mood issues as it activates serotonin and “endorphin” receptors (the “runners high” feeling)

  • Encourages healthier sleep patterns

  • Lowers cortisol and therefore lowers our stress response!

  • CBD is especially beneficial because it is without the Toxicity of the Psychoactive components

  • Neuro Protector which help prevents stroke, dementia, and anti-epileptic

  • This is proven by a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and scientific studies 

  • National Institute of Health (NIH)- bluntly stated that CBD & THC have very different safety measures & that CBD is incredibly safe thing to use!

To continue learning, please follow the webinar link:
Dr. Mike Lewis: Cannabinoids as Neuroprotectants and Anti-oxidants Seminar