Trusted Health Care Providers and Clients in Portland


Recommended Health Care Providers and Current/Past Clients:

2BWell Clinic- Siamak Shirazi, Acupuncturist

Cascade Chiropractic and Wellness- Chris Cooper, Chiropractic Physician

GeriCareDr. Kirsten Carr, Geriatric Physician

Healthy Living Family Medicine with Dr. Kerry Pulliam, Family Medicine Physician

Integra Health- Dr. Christina Oliver, Physician Specializing in Behavior and Mental Health

Lordex Spine Institute at Natural Pain Solutions- Dr. Thomas Grace, Chiropractic Physician

ProHealth Chiropractic- Dr. Jeff Robinson, Chiropractic Physician

The Healing Arts Clinic- Dr. Andrew Kim, Naturopathic Physician


Current/Past Clients in the Portland Community:

Cedar Sinai Park

Elements Massage in the Pearl

Food Front Co-op

Green Zebra Grocery

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute

Maplewood Coffee and Tea

Multnomah Athletic Club 

New Seasons Market 

Oregon State University

Whole Foods Market in the Pearl

Williams Sonoma