Energizing Foods Workshop and Meal Tasting

Would you like to improve your energy levels and reduce inflammation by learning about and eating delicious, nourishing food, all in the comfort of your own home?


Sol Food Nutrition has developed a custom workshop in which Registered Dietitian, Iris Briand shows you how to:

  • Plan and create fresh, delicious and healthy energy foods

  • Successfully make healthy lifestyle changes

Health Benefits:

  • Longer lasting satisfaction from meals

  • Improved mental focus and mood throughout the day

  • More balanced diet and digestion

  • Better overall health and appearance


How it works:

On a selected date, Ms. Briand will come to your home to show you and your friends/family how to prepare a delicious meal, present a personalized nutritional workshop, and eat together, all in the convenience of your home! The ingredients and materials will be provided. No previous nutrition or cooking experience is required. Workshops can be arranged at your convenience as a lunch or dinner activity. Allow three hours for this activity. 


What the workshop includes: 

  • Interactive nutrition discussion with plenty of time for Q and A

  • Kitchen supplies and meal preparation 

  • Sampling of a gourmet energizing meal

  • Organic, local, and sustainable ingredients

  • Cost-effective ways to increase nutritional value

  •  Time-saving, PDF recipe handouts

  • Advice on adopting recipes for various food sensitivities and special diets


Workshop Cost:

  • 2 participants: $125 per person

  • 3 participants: $90 per person

  • 4+ participants: $75 per person

  • More than 10 participants, please inquire for more information.


Wondering which workshop would be best for your personal culinary and dietary needs? 


Popular Workshops and Presentation Topics 

  • Health and cost-benefits of making your own sauces, dressings, and spice mixes

  • How to curb sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings 

  • Healthy snacks for an active and on-the-go lifestyle 

  • How to follow and feel satisfied with gluten-free and paleo diets

  • Organic and local foods for the body, mind, and environment 

  • The role of healthy fats and proteins in the body

  • Mindful Eating in a fast-paced society 

  • Healthy eating on a budget

  • Cooking with kids

  • Sports nutrition 

  • General nutrition Q&A


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