Personalized Nutrition Coaching

 Teaching a nutrition and cooking workshop  at Williams Sonoma, in Portland, OR

Teaching a nutrition and cooking workshop  at Williams Sonoma, in Portland, OR

Great health starts with good nutrition. But with so many options & conflicting expert opinions even the most dedicated people fail to reach great health simply because they don't know where to begin or have the proper support to guide them in their journey to amazing health. 

Thankfully, that's where I'm able to help. Over the past 6 years of offering nutrition coaching, I've  helped hundreds of individuals like you address personal health concerns from the root cause - what they're putting in their bodies.

Whether you're looking to manage a specific medical condition or optimize your health for increased performance, I'm here to help. Together, we can design the nutrition plan right for you and introduce personal adjustments to support you in your journey.

Simply put, every BODY is different. And while conventional fad diets & nutrition books may work for some people, most individuals need to find the diet plan that's right for them and their unique health goals.  


Personalized Diet Coaching Can Help to:

  • Encourage natural weight balance

  • Improve digestion and metabolism

  • Reduce food cravings and blood sugars

Cost: Six-Session Nutrition and Lifestyle Package, Starting at $650

Package includes:

  1. Six 60-minute counseling sessions

  2. Personalized recipes and nutrition guides

  3. Customized shopping lists with recommended brands


Please call 541-908-0632 to schedule your first appointment.

I accept select insurance options at Fanno Creek Medical Clinic in SW Portland



Your Personal Meal and Healthy Lifestyle Plan - What to Expect!

I'm here to help you get the personalized nutrition advice you need to meet your personal health goals. So, at the center of the coaching process, is YOU. 

For most people looking to improve their health, I recommend starting with Phase One, a Six-Session-Package. This includes:

  • An initial 60-minute consultation plus 5 weekly follow-up sessions to track your progress and deepen your knowledge of what your body needs

  • Enhance and support your new healthy lifestyle with customized nutrition handouts, videos, and healthy recipes


Sample Phase One- Nutrition Coaching Plan:

  • Developing a positive relationship with food

  • Mindful eating and tools to minimize cravings

  • Benefits of including superfoods and spices


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