Seasonal Meal Tastings & Custom Workshops for Companies, with Iris Briand, RDN

Photo:  Iris instructing a workshop at Williams Sonoma, Portland OR

Photo: Iris instructing a workshop at Williams Sonoma, Portland OR

Looking for ways to increase productivity in your workplace?

Studies show that inadequate nutrition can cut productivity of a company by up to 20%. 


Iris Briand, RDN, has developed a custom workshop in which shows you how to:

  • Plan and prepare fresh, delicious, and nourishing meals

  • Successfully make lasting lifestyle changes


What Your Workshop Includes: 

  • Seasonal Meal Tasting, Using Locally Sourced Ingredients

  • Interactive Nutrition Seminar with Plenty of Time for Q and A

  • Quick and Delicious Recipes


Benefits For Your business:

  • Increased productivity and fewer sick-leave requests

  • Reduced insurance and healthcare costs

  • More lively and happier company culture

  • Unique health service for employees that makes you more competitive in the job market


Benefits For Your Team Members:

  • Longer lasting satisfaction from meals

  • Improved mental focus and energy throughout the day

  • Balanced diet and digestion

  • Better overall health and appearance


How It Works:

On a selected date, Ms. Briand will present a 90-minute workshop providing all ingredients and materials. No previous nutrition or cooking experience is required. Workshops can be arranged at your location and convenience. Workshops are perfect as a business lunch activity or dinner party.


Workshop Investment:

  • Pricing starts at just $1000.

  • The cost depends on your group size; please contact Ms. Briand by Phone: 541.908.0632, or by Email to schedule a FREE demo for your company!


Wondering which workshop is best for your company's nutritional needs? 


Popular Workshops and Presentation Topics:

  • Health and cost-benefits of making your own sauces, dressings, and spice mixes

  • How to curb sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings 

  • Healthy snacks for an active and on-the-go lifestyle 

  • How to follow and feel satisfied with gluten-free and paleo diets

  • Organic and local foods for the body, mind, and environment 

  • The role of healthy fats and proteins in the body

  • Mindful Eating in a fast-paced society 

  • Healthy eating on a budget

  • Cooking with kids

  • Sports nutrition 

  • General nutrition Q&A


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